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Maxwell Swallow Tiny Nephew

"Today's going to be a great day to see if you can fit in my mouth", says Maxwell, nonchalantly, smirking. The cruel uncle has returned home from work and decides to play a game of cat and mouse with his pitiful 1/2 inch tall nephew. Before even attempting to taste him, the jock talks about how much bigger he is, how his hand alone is like a stadium. Then he licks him playfully before finally putting him in his mouth just enough to touch the back of his tonsils. "You don't think Uncle would throw you all the way in, haha"? He then does just that, and the tiny lands on the huge pink tongue. "This is what you get for being tiny, fat and useless." Maxwell continues to roll the loser around his mouth, and suddenly catches a case of the hiccups. The tiny is eventually swallowed whole. "Oops! I feel you falling down to my belly now."


15 minutes

Maxwell Swallow Tiny Nephew

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