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Max: School Shrinking Project

19 minutes


THEMES: 2 Models (Marcus & Max), Giants, Shrinking, Verbal, Body Explore, POV, Armpits, Ear Explore, Mouth Play, Food Play, Vore, Stomach, Barefeet Play, Body Climbing, Science Project, Magic 


Marcus comes home and tells his classmate about a science project they have to do, all about human anatomy. Max, who is the star player are many sports teams including the wrestling league- demands they film him. 


“I after all, am a superior jock in every form.” The stud stands up and flexes his pecs. Marcus agrees, but as he’s filming Max- he can’t seem to get the right angles. 


“Why don’t you just shrink yourself with that shrink ray you invented? That way you can film my body up close and personal! LOL!” Max laughs- kicking his huge barefoot up on the table. Wiggling his toes

“I’ll get to grow back right?” Marcus asks nervously.


“Bro, of course. You want an A on this project right? Just do it.”


Hesitantly, Marcus allows Max to shrink him. POOF! Marcus is now a pitiful red gummy bear. Max chuckles.


“You fucking loser. Now go on and film my body. Starting with my big smelly feet! And try climbing my leg too haha!” Every time little Marcus tries to climb Max’s leg, Max simply BLOWS him back down.


“Oops, try again loser.” Marcus tries and tries but fails.


“Fine, just film up close inside my armpits. Come on dude do it.” The tiny gets all the way inside the pit, and it’s so hairy and sweaty. It closes in on him. “It’s like a fucking forest in there huh little man haha!”


Then Max demands Marcus film his eyes, ears and navel. Before finally opening WIDE and letting the tiny explore his massive mouth. Max then gets hungry and puts tiny Marcus on a cracker. 


“I’m opening wide, here comes the chu-chu TRAIN LOL!!!” Max laughs at his own joke, then swallows the tiny down to his stomach. Patting it, he’s happy he will still get an A on the school project after all. 

Max: School Shrinking Project

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