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Marq Solez vs Tiny Plastic Horses: Vore, Belly Bloat, Burping

CUSTOM VIDEO! Marq has shrunk his friends into tiny plastic horses, and he's hungry. He picks them up one by one, and not only rolls them around his mouth with his big pink tongue, he also lets out big burps. "BURRRPP!! Mmm. Taste just like tacos haha." The poor little horses continue to be thrown in the Giant's mouth, and the camera pans close so you see just how large the jock's throat, tongue, teeth and gullet are. "I used to ride you, now I eat you haha!" Marq shows off his wet lips, and deep throat. "My big ass tongue on these tiny ass horses!" 


Soon there are no more horsies, and Marq lets out more belches while rubbing and bloating out his now full belly. He rubs on his stomach, with POV angles looking up at this incredible God. 


THEMES: M/M, Belly Bloat, Transformation, Burping, Vore, Mouth, Tongue


NOTE: This is a combination of vore and simple mouth POV shots. Any mouth lover should get this video to see Marq's amazing cavern. Some small sections are muted for full effect, lack of cameraman direction. 


10 mins, 30 sec

Marq Solez vs Tiny Plastic Horses: Vore, Belly Bloat, Burping

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