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Mark the Giant StepDad

29 minutes


SYNOPSIS: A sarcastic and alpha male Step Dad admits he never loved his puny inch tall son, and has fun teasing and tormenting him at his expense. Mark is a personal trainer, who has muscles that bulge from his shirt. He mockingly enjoys stomping down on him with his smelly socks and feet, butt crushing,  Mark has fun humiliating his Step Son in the bathroom, rubbing him between his armpits, gargling him as mouthwash. Then he has fun taking his smelly socks out of his gym shoes, and stomping Oliver down with his bare feet. He finally butt crushes the loser, wearing only black boxers. He finally drops him in his cereal, and proceeds to eat around him when in reality he loves tossing him in and out of his Giant Maw.


M/M, Giants, Shrinking, Socks, Betrayal, Barefeet, Stomping, Butt Crushing,  Armpits, Muscle Flexing, Mouth Play, Vore, Hiccups, Cereal, Tongue


The scene opens with Mark doing reps and working out. His muscles are bulging. He's lifting weights and grunting and sweating like a real man. Then he walks over to what appears to be a large doll house. But instead, it's his shrunken son's home. Which he finds pathetic. He lifts the loser out of the house and smirks as they walk to the bathroom. 


"You like it in my big fucking stinky armpits?" Mark mocks, as he flexes and moans with power. "You're lucky you got a buff Dad. You like it though haha." He stands in front of his bathroom mirror, shirtless. "You are getting a little stinky though. I think I'll use you in my mouthwash." Before Oliver can do anything, he's thrown in his Dad's mouthwash cap, and blue liquid comes pouring down on him. He's tossed back down the jock's throat, like he was a piece of gum. Mark gurgles with him. "Poor Little Oliver '', mocks the Giant. "Stuck in his StepDad's mouth."


Next Oliver is dropped inside one of his Dad's smelly gym shoes. Mark's red sneakers are like cars to him. Mark walks around with the tiny trapped inside. "Now you're gonna smell your StepDad's stinky fucking feet!" The Giant drops the loser on the cold floor. Oliver then must endure agony, as the jock's ripe socks come off and barefeet surround him- easily stomping him, toying with him and him being placed between Mark's sweaty toes. "You like being under your Dad's big stinky fucking feet", the jock says, wiggling his toes on the poor son. "I think I'll smother you now. How do you like that, you little bitch?" He grinds his big toe into Oliver's body.


In the living room, Mark drops Oliver into the back of his workout boxers and proceeds to butt crush him, doing squats, grunting like a real man. He finds it amusing Oliver is stuck being bounced up and down on. Mark laughs too, finding it more and more funny he has such a pansy for a family member. "How do you like that bitch?" The Giant asks, lifting weights and growing his pecs with Oliver stuck underneath him. "You like how big and sweaty it is in there", he grunts like a workout trainer- lifting the weight over and over.


He suddenly lands on his son, BOOM! "Oops HAHAHA!" Mark laughs. He jolts up and down on the speck, careless to his pleas. "Let's do a set of ten squats. ONE. TWO (SMOOSH!) - THREE (SMOOSH!). 


Part II - Cereal Games


THEMES: M/M, Giants, Shrinking, Betrayal, Mouthplay, Hiccups, Vore


"You're tiny and insignificant. You're nothing", smirks Mark the Giant StepDad. Smiling sadistically down at his shrunken son. Rolling his empty beer can back and forth to show him how small he truly is. "Wouldn't it be a shame if I rolled my beer over you?", the jock smirks. "Oops! I doubt anyone would miss you." He then drops Oliver into the can, and pretends to drink it- causing Oliver to tumble into his StepDad's mouth. He lands on the pink, wet tongue quite easily. "You like my big ass mouth?" Chuckles the non caring Giant. He casually takes Oliver out of his mouth and toys with him. "Oops, we can't have this. Back in you go." Then he lazily extends his tongue, and back Ollie goes into his Dad's throat. 


"HIC! HIC!" Mark the Giant StepDad gets a case of the hiccups. Jolting his whole face, with Oliver's legs sometimes sticking out between the thick lips. He yanks his son out of his mouth. "You know there's nothing I hate more than pathetic, weak little bitches- like you," chuckles the jock. He then starts flexing his big muscular pecs. He places Oliver on it, where the tiny one looks like a rock climber on a big mountain. 


"You know what's great in the morning for a DAD?" Mark picks up Oliver and smirks at him. "Some coffee!" He goes to the kitchen and grabs a cup, with hot water in it. "You're so small you might BECOME part of the coffee." He laughs evilly, before dropping the pathetic loser into the actual filter that goes into the machine. "I like my coffee strong, but I think with you in it, it's gonna be weak." Hot water starts dripping into the cup, and then coffee. Where's Oliver? Mark laughs and finds his son still alive after the coffee is done. "You know what I'm gonna do with this HOT coffee? Put it down my throat." He then casually drops Oliver into the cup, and tosses it back into his mouth- son and all. Once again Oliver is trapped in his Dad's mouth. 


"I forgot, you probably like that Honey I Shrunk movie. Let's re-enact the CEREAL scene." Mark now has Oliver back out his mouth in his hand. He goes to the kitchen cabinet and grabs the cereal, milk, bowl and a spoon. He sits down with Oliver trapped in the bowl. "I'd hate to get any milk on my favorite shirt", Mark says sarcastically. He then takes off the shirt, revealing once again his muscular abs. He eats around his son. "Soon or later I'll probably get a spoonful of you. And it's gonna taste like Little Bitch hahaha!" He keeps dumping his son around the bowl until he lifts him into his mouth. "UH OH- Here comes the BIG BAD GIANT!" In his StepDad's mouth Ollie goes again. The finale has the runt sliding all the way down Mark's throat, as he pats his abs after his delicious protein. 


This cereal scene goes on for a nice time, so Vore fans will love this part! If you liked this series, send us feedback on what you would like to see next! This scene is EPIC.

Mark the Giant StepDad

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