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Lucas's Belly Bloat & Muscle Flexing

THEMES: Belly Bloating, Muscle Flexing, Armpits, Hiccups, Interactive


FILE DESCRIPTION: In Lucas's main showcase of his amazing body, we meet him in the kitchen sitting on a stool and flexing his pecs. The cameraman is impressed. "You have amazing muscles. How long have you been doing this?" Lucas smirks, saying he's been the game years. "And you've also won body contests, correct?" "Yep haha." As he talks, we see him flexing his pecks, hairy arms, and eventually the intense camera work goes to his armpits. "Should I make my belly pop?" Lucas asks the director. "Yes, yes def do that!"


Finally it's time for Lucas to drink soda, chugging a 2 liter, and bloat his muscular belly out, which his does ever so well. "Fuck its getting huge", Lucas moans as he rubs his stomach, exhaling. He smacks it. "So full! HIC!" Lucas gets a case of the hiccups, from so much soda. Various angles show off just how ripped he is. This is an interactive video, where you as the viewer get to hear the direction and Lucas work his magic. The end of the video features Lucas sniffing his own armpits and talking about how sweaty they smell. 


One of the best flexing videos JFP has done. We hope to do more videos like this. NOTE: No macro content. 



13 minutes 30 sec

Lucas's Belly Bloat & Muscle Flexing

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