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Logan Swallows Tiny Intruder + Q & A

20 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, POV, Butt Crush (Mild), Foot Play (Mild), Mouthplay, Vore, Muscle, Workout, Q & A


After working out all day in the hot sun, Logan comes back drenched in sweat to his house. He notices an inch tall man on his wooden table. He picks him up and chuckles. "What's your name, little dude?" It turns out to be Silas, and the tiny one is in big trouble. The jock first throws him on his boxers, compares his size to his shoe, and butt crushes him a few times. Proving his strength and power as a Giant Jock not to be messed with.


"I think you need to be cleaned up now. How about I do it- with my MOUTH?" Before the tiny can escape, Logan starts sloppily licking the little runt with his big, pink tongue. Making slurping noises, up and down his body. Eventually tossing him all the way in, he mouth toys with him. 


Hot video that starts outside with Logan doing warm up exercises, flexing his pecs and ends with a Q and A about how he would swallow Silas in real life. Vore fans- this one's for you.

Logan Swallows Tiny Intruder + Q & A

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