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Logan: Giant Super Villain

THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Super Powers, Foot Crushing, Muscle Workout, Biceps, Armpits, Flexing, Mouthplay (brief)


22 mins


Logan's friend has a big problem. "I'm shrinking dude. Can you help me? Let me stay in a shoe box or something?" Logan promises to protect his friend, but smirks. Something isn't right about his attitude towards the situation. 


Once Jake is an inch tall, Logan steals his watch and money, and grabs him up to his mouth. He grins.


"I have a secret..." Logan tells his best friend. "I'm actually a SUPER HERO! And I shrunk you down." On a hot summer day, a shirtless Logan confesses to his shrinking buddy it was he who had the powers to make the loser smaller. 


He starts by placing the loser on the concrete ground of his outdoor patio. HThe Giant wears blue jeans and is barefoot. His toes look smelly as they wiggle, and Jake looks miniscule next to them. Logan giggles, moving the bug around to show his dominance. Then, he changes into his Super Villain cape!


"You will worship my body now. I am ALL POWERFUL!" Logan flexes his biceps, with a cape, and does karate moves, walks on his hands- and shows off his strength. "Be ready to bow down to a master you little fucker."


Growling with control, and sweating profusely, Logan makes his friend worship his whole body. Inch tall Jake has no other choice. "Do it. Or else, I will destroy you." He lays in the grass, his six pecs glistening as he heaves powerful breaths in and out- causing his stomach to contract up and down. "If you want to survive, you must worship me. And you MUST respect me. Because I AM your fucking master haha! You worthless little being."


Stunningly hot video, including sound-effects, original music and various camera angles. Our first dive into superheroes. 


"Evil PAYS." Logan grins, counting the thousands of dollars from his now worthless little friend.

Logan: Giant Super Villain

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