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Leo Foot Tortures Shrunken Roommate

Leo is the cockiest, cruelest roommate ever. Standing an impressive 6'3, This Latino hunk is a natural born bully. He comes home to find his shrunken flat mate on the floor in his bedroom. Wearing worn out sandals and dirty white socks, the cocky jock laughs at the loser's predicament. "Haha! Look at you! Not even as big as my pinky toe. Smelly my stinky ass socks bitch!" He stomps on him a few times before taking his socks off and revealing sweaty, masculine size 12.5 feet. "Smell them haha." As his massive feet continue to press down on him, he takes the tiny into the living room and props his feet up on the coffee table. Inserting him inbetween his toes. Leo's toes are like fingers, easily grasping the pathetic bug and making him suffer the smell and humiliation of being underneath an all mighty God. This is one of the most verbal clips in the site's history. Leo is the real deal!


15 minutes

Leo Foot Tortures Shrunken Roommate

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