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Justin the Giant Yoga Jock: Feet & Butt Crush

Justin plays a hot Yoga instructor, who during a class gets upset when a male student keeps staring at his feet. "Hey what are you doing dude? Get off the podium!" The guy continues to stare as Justin continues the class, and eventually the stud has had enough. "Everyone leave the room so I can deal with this fucking pervert!" 


"I've had students like you before", Justin says. "You have a foot fetish, I know it. So what I'm going to do is teach you a new technique, since you've been so big and in my way." Justin then wiggles his fingers and suddenly the guy shrinks down to only an inch tall. Justin the Yoga Jock is now Justin the Giant. He continues to teach, even though it's just him and the tiny. "OK so put your feet together. Even balance. Slowly bring your right foot up..." Justin can't help but laugh as the tiny is stuck by his feet. "You're not even the size of one of my toes now haha. Enjoy your private class!" The tiny lays helpless on the floor. "You probably like these huge fucking smelly ass feet, with your stupid ass fetish." Justin wiggles his toes closer to the tiny. Justin now goes from chill to playful, as his feet stomp down harder on the loser. 


Justin sits on a pillow from class and laughs harder at the tiny. He compares himself to a Giant, and threatens to sit on him later. He stretches his legs out and places the micro student between his big toes. "How does it feel to be trapped in my stinky ass feet?" Justin smirks. "Let's set up for our next move. This Yoga exercise is called Giant Steps on Tiny hahahaha." His massive feet coming in for a landing, smothering the runt. He mocks him more. "This is probably the highlight of your week, being inbetween my toes. You gross fuck!"


In the next round, Justin throws the tiny on a glass table and from a POV perspective, you see the. Giant Jock's huge size 12s smother and crush him. "Breathe it in haha." He then laughs to himself, and before the tiny knows it Justin is sitting on him with his massive ass. "Yeah like the smell??" He kicks back in a big leather chair later, laughing as the tiny continues to struggle in his toes. "Hopefully you come back again, it was great having you in class today ahahah." 


In the final minutes, Justin has grown bored and decides to swallow the student. "You'll just travel down to my belly", the jock laughs- biting and licking at him before eating him. He bloats his stomach out. The student was never heard from again.


16 minutes, 30 sec

Justin the Giant Yoga Jock: Feet & Butt Crush

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