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Justin's Unaware: Stomping Tiny Roommates

Justin talks on the phone with his buddy. "Yeah I called them to go out today, and they're not responding. I don't know where they are dude." He walks back and forth barefoot. Little does Justin know that his pathetic roommates have shrunk to an inch tall, and are laying helpless on the floor as the Giant jock walks closer and closer to them, unaware that his massive stinky feet could crush them any moment. "Sometimes I feel like I just wanna step on them haha. They're always in the way." As his big stinky feet slam onto one of the roommates.  


Often when Justin's feet land on one of the roommates, the tiny gets stuck to his dirty foot without the jock realizing. After ending the phone call, the jock becomes irritated by the annoying things getting stuck under his feet. He begins pounding them, stomping them, and even jumping on them. In a very intense, hot slow-mo section, you witness these poor tiny specs of dust get owned by a pair of size 12s, with Justin smirking at the end. Features normal speed and slow-mo HD sequences for enhanced stomping and audio effects. 


13 minutes

Justin's Unaware: Stomping Tiny Roommates

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