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Justin's Revenge: Shrinking 2 Losers- POV

Custom Video! "What's up nerds?" Justin comes in laughing. "I heard you were talking some BS about me. How I cheated on your sister or something." He looks at the main guilty guy and smirks at him. "What a bunch of fucking dweebs. She forgave me anyways. And you guys are going to start seeing a LOT more of me haha." He takes out a remote control. "Maybe I should just shrink you fucks." He laughs as the two get smaller and smaller until they're only an inch tall. Justin towers over them.


"Dude, it really IS like Jack and the Giant! Look at you guys now- pathetic haha! You guys are like smaller then the size of my shoe!" The two friends see two monstrous, sweaty frat shoes in front of them. "You guys like the smell of feet? Big giant, smelly ass feet?" Justin immediately slides his size 12 barefeet out of the shoes, where they clearly have been sweating naturally inside. They stink right through the screen. The two try to run, as Justin threatens to stomp over them. He laughs. "I promise I'll turn you back to normal size- Oops no I won't haha."


Later the boys try to hide from the Giant behind his smelly shoes. Unaware of where they've gone, Justin walks around barefoot. "Come on out guys, I was just playing!" He walks in the kitchen and back out. "Hide and seek's fun, we can play that! Too bad you guys are so fucking small." He finally catches them, and is furious. He grabs them in his hands, threatening to swallow them by opening his massive mouth and covering their whole face inside of it, smirking and quickly retreating back. 


After some mouth play, Justin decides to play a game. "I'll give you guys a 10 second head start go get away from me. If you get away, I'll grow you back. If you don't- I'll stomp the fuck out of you. Ready?" The two try to run away, but its useless. The big smelly feet are too powerful. They lose the game. Justin laughs. "Looks like we have a loser! Your friend Jack is about to get stomped out haha! FE FI FO FUM!" On the Fum, there's a loud smash. And then blackness. Jack is gone. 


Poor Jake then is left to clean Justin's rank feet, as the Giant sits on the floor. "Clean my feet. They won't clean themselves", the jock says dryly. "Ha you like cleaning my stinky dirty feet don't you?" Jake continues to lick up and down POV and explore the big massive soles in front of him. After getting bored, he says he will now finally change Jake back. "Oh fuck, the remote's not working for some reason. Guess I'll just have to"- STOMP!!!!!!


11 minutes, 30 seconds

Justin's Revenge: Shrinking 2 Losers- POV

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