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Jonathan Swallows Birthday Bro

35 minutes


THEMES: Vore, Food Stuffing, Verbal Jock, Birthday Cake, Frosting, Gummy Worms, Burping, Hiccups, Mouth Play, Tongue Play, Licking, Stomach Play, Giants, Shrinking


Jonathan plays a dominant and bored brother of a loser named Oliver. The loser is turning 21, but has shrunk down to one inch tall. “How about I just blow out your candles for you?” Jonathan mocks, before dunking Oliver into the frosting. 


The greedy giant proceeds to stuff his face full of the birthday cake, talking selfishly with his mouth full. Burping randomly between sentences. The jock knows NO boundaries for gluttony.


“I love how tiny you are. How powerless you are. I get to have all the fun in the world with you!” Jonathan says with a mouth full of cake and frosting. “MMMMM Oh man you taste good”, Jonathan says- licking him again sloppily. “Happy birthday hahahaha!”


He soon starts to lick on Oliver’s inch tall body before stuffing him into his mouth with more cake. And soon- gummy worms. So much saliva is everywhere as Jonathan verbally taunts the tiny for the entire video! Fans of food stuffing, burping and even a sneeze- should def get this. 


The jock pours tons of green frosting on his face- licking it up along with burping more. “MMM You taste so good bro!”  Jonathan’s messiest video to date. “Look at me just indulging in YOUR cake, loser.”


“Your birthday gift is my existence.” Jonathan commands. 

Jonathan Swallows Birthday Bro

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