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Jock Masters: Pablo Uses Marcus Underfoot

25 minutes


THEMES: M/M, Foot Slaves, Foot Worship, Verbal, Domination, Sub & Dom


Pablo catches his roommate Marcus sniffing his shoes and goes completely ballistic. "Why the fuck are you smelling my shoes huh?" Marcus doesn't know what to say, so Pablo quickly escalates his anger by making Marcus fold his clothes. "And do it with a smile!" Wearing nothing but sweaty boxer shorts, Pablo is cruelly smiling- knowing he can now have his way with the submissive servant that is his roommate. At the beginning of the video, Marcus even confesses loving Pablo. "Other slaves are jealous of me, because I get to serve him. I just hope maybe Pablo can show me some love- love that I have for him..."


"You scared?" Pablo mocks him. "You gonna pay the rest of the rent too?" Marcus is timid but still intrigued by the humiliation. He enjoys doing what his master tells him to do. "Is this okay Pablo?" Marcus asks, holding up more of the jock's clothes. Pablo looks unpleased. "Why the fuck are you calling me Pablo?? I told you to start calling me MASTER!"


"You're nothing but a piece of fucking furniture, is that understood?" Pablo barks, demanding his slave get on his knees and bow before him. The servant obeys. "HANDS and knees!" Pablo commands. The jock then kicks his legs onto Marcus's back and makes a relaxing, mannish groan. "Does this feel good master?" Marcus asks, on his hands and knees. "Fuck yeah it does- don't look at me, look down!" Pablo snaps. His big bare feet now right on the slave's arched back. "I dunno why you think you can look at me. I'm a fucking God compared to you bitch!"


Pablo kicks Marcus on the floor and towers over him. "Want a waterfall?" The jock giggles. Marcus submits, knowing exactly what is happening and that Pablo is his God to serve now and forever. Pablo grinds his barefoot on Marcus's face, demanding he tell him who the master is - repeatedly. "I love my fucking sexy ass body! I wanna HEAR YOU say who YOUR master is!" Marcus complies. "You are sir. You are my master." The intensity of this scene increases as Pablo, angry for power, continues to verbally dominate Marcus, and drags him into the bedroom where he wants more of his feet smelled and worshipped, increasing his demands to financial orders- draining Marcus of his bank account right from his phone. Pablo even rides Marcus "like a surfboard", standing on top of his back and verbally degrading him. 


"You're happy to send me money, aren't you?" Pablo teases Marcus.


"Yes sir." Marcus says, with Pablo's sweaty foot covering most of his face.


The first of many live foot worship videos. Pablo sets the bar for masters, and Marcus for submissive slaves. The most intense domination video in JFP history.

Jock Masters: Pablo Uses Marcus Underfoot

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