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Jock Masters: “I Belong to Jonathan- Part 2”

9 minutes + BLOOPERS


THEMES: Roleplay, Live Worship, POV, Camera Man Direction, Foot Worship, Verbal Domination, Slave/Master


In this experimental video, Jonathan brings his slave Marcus over to his friend’s apartment. Puzzled by their arrival, the friend (Off camera) inquires who Marcus is.


“He’s my slave. He does what I say. Marcus get us some waters. Now.” Marcus complies.


The friend is shocked, and even more surprised when Jonathan gets Marcus to take the jock’s shoes and socks off and smell his feet. Jonathan casually explains that Marcus is his property. 


This sequel to the original isn’t quite as long, and focuses more on a RAW footage type of sequence. The bloopers show how hard it can be to block a scene like this, and the camera can be shaky at some points. However, we’ve gotten a lot of requests for more scenes where we see the actors being directed- so this will be a nice treat for those into it. For those just into Jonathan, you still get his full dominant personality. 


There’s ONE really hot part where Jonathan BURPS on Marcus, to prove he can. This scene was filmed prior to the clip where Jonathan belched on Marcus continuously. 

Jock Masters: “I Belong to Jonathan- Part 2”

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