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Interview with the Giant feat. Lucas

20 minutes


Lucas has decided to let one of the pathetic runts interview him. The hairy titan casually lays on the bed as the nervous reporter approaches. Lucas flexes and poses showing off his beefy body, wanting to give the reporter a good show.


“So tell me more about what it is like to be big, how do you like to start a rampage?” The reporter asks.


Lucas stretches out his feet, his dirty sole filling up the bulk of the camera. 


“I usually like to start on the beach, then work my way to the city. More fun when everyone is packed together” he says casually, his beefy toes wiggling back and forth. 


“Ok, what is your favorite stuff to stomp?” 


“Little people, I like to stomp little people the most, but I also like to crush helicopters with my bicep cause they make a funny noise” Lucas says quickly. He rubs his forest of a chest, the hairs so thick you can pick up the scratches on camera. A devious grin stretching across his face.


“So when do you like to crush cities?” The reporter asks


“Ehh on weekends and when I am bored. It is fun” Lucas replies


“So when you are in the ocean what do you do to any ships you come across?” 


“Oh I eat them, easily a couple thousand at a time. They are so fucking small so it is good” He says as he flexes and stretches his leg. It is then the reporter makes a grave error. Mispeaking, the nervous interviewer implies that Lucas is somewhat weak. An angry titan is a vengeful titan and Lucas quickly grabs him and shrinks him down to nothing.


The reporter wakes up sitting at the end of the bed. Lucas’s feet are towering above. They glisten with sweat and crime as he wiggles them above. 


“Come on give a little tour now that you are fucking small, come on climb up you little twerp” Lucas says as he watches the shrunken reporter slowly make his way up his body. 


Lucas’s body is an untamed jungle. The thick, wiry hair shoots up into the sky. It is so dense, the camera can’t even see out the other end. 


“Come on faster” Lucas says as the reporter is huffing and out of breath. 


Higher and higher he climbs until he reaches the nipple. Almost at the destination and then Lucas blows. The tiny man is sent flying back to the start while the titan just laughs. 


“Oops looks like you need to try again” he says and once more the tiny climbs. Again Lucas blows. This time the reporter falls into the smelly armpit. While his chest was dense, the pit was something else. The fur is so thick, the skin is barely visible. It takes the tiny man a few seconds to even untangle himself before he resumes the climb once more. Lucas starts flexing again, making his bicep bulge out.


“Look how fucking huge it looks” he continues to taunt the reporter. Finally, the interviewer is able to make it to the face. Without giving the man a break, Lucas opens his mouth and threatens to eat him. His boulder-like teeth, leviathan tongue, and pit of no return are on full display. Yet it was just a scare. Lucas has a lot more planned. 


Dropping the tiny down by his feet. He makes the little one worship his grimey soles. The beefy stompers are covered in filth as the little man is tossed back and forth between them. He is shoved between the toes, under the heel, and thoroughly coated in Lucas’s toe funk. 


“Oh yeah that feels good” Lucas moans as he enjoys the tiny hands working his smelly, calloused soles. 


Finally bored of the little reporter, he drops him onto the ground. The tiny tries to run but freezes when Lucas stares down at him. With an agonizing slowness, Lucas lifts his foot high overhead. The little man is stunned as the dirty sole looms overhead. 


“Should I, Should I fucking stomp you. Look at you, you look so pathetic” he says as he smashes down onto the prone man. 


“Hmmm maybe I should crush you with my heel, yeah that is good. Get ready, no running….









Lucas laughs and poses.


“Man I love crushing little creatures and I love being a FUCKING GIANT” he says one last time. The camera flickering out.


Written by MaxTiny.

Interview with the Giant feat. Lucas

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