Interview with the Giant feat. Lucas

20 minutes


Lucas has decided to let one of the pathetic runts interview him. The hairy titan casually lays on the bed as the nervous reporter approaches. Lucas flexes and poses showing off his beefy body, wanting to give the reporter a good show.


“So tell me more about what it is like to be big, how do you like to start a rampage?” The reporter asks.


Lucas stretches out his feet, his dirty sole filling up the bulk of the camera. 


“I usually like to start on the beach, then work my way to the city. More fun when everyone is packed together” he says casually, his beefy toes wiggling back and forth. 


“Ok, what is your favorite stuff to stomp?” 


“Little people, I like to stomp little people the most, but I also like to crush helicopters with my bicep cause they make a funny noise” Lucas says quickly. He rubs his forest of a chest, the hairs so thick you can pick up the scratches on camera. A de