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"I'm Your GIANT God"

7 minutes


THEMES: Unaware, Micro Size, M/M, Feet, Legs, Power, POV, Slow-Mo Effects, Echo Effects


You're the size of a grain of rice. Austyn is a huge planet for you to explore. When you try to tell him you've shrunk down, he doesn't believe you. He reads the text "ive shrunk help me!" from your small, pathetic existence. But you're too small to even see. "Step-Bro I can't even SEE ur small ass. I'm like a GIANT." He walks around barefoot in sandals, before sliding them off. He TOWERS over you, and you see his powerful legs and thighs. Austyn will never find you, but you love it. You love being nothing.

"I'm Your GIANT God"

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