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Hunter's Belly Bloating & Burping

 "Oh man, my belly is so full." Hunter drinks a can of soda and lets his belly bloat out quite a bit. He had a big dinner. "So big, so full. Almost like I can feel it kicking." Throughout the duration of the clip, you get different angle's of the stud's massive muscles and a big gut. Hunter feels so full, he can't help but pop his stomach out like a balloon. Talking throughout as Hunter comments on how big his belly is, rubbing it, and burping, lots of grunting, and loads of different angles. He continues to let out quite a bit of belches. He pats his belly while laying on his bed. "I don't even think I can stand up at this point BURRPPPPP."


THEMES: Belly Bloating, Burping, Verbal


9 minutes

Hunter's Belly Bloating & Burping

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