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Hunter Eats Strawberries & Best Friend

Hunter the cruel jock sits back and begins to enjoy a meal rich in protein and vitamins- chicken, veggies, bacon and strawberries. He also discovers his 1/2 inch tall best friend actually helpless, and on one of the berries. "What's the matter buddy? You stuck in that strawberry? Haha don't worry, I'll get you out." The jock then casually eats around the tiny speck, before nonchalantly popping him and the rest of the fruit into his massive mouth. He looks lazily off into space and then abruptly belches, taking the loser back out of his mouth. "Nah, you're not getting away that easily. Now you can go in my chicken and watch me eat." Belching again, Hunter continues the twisted game as the tiny finds himself in and out of the giant's wet mouth, along with more food. All of this causes the tiny to get a major hard on, and Hunter chuckles. "Getting turned on by watching your best friend eat? Being thrown in my mouth? I didn't say you could touch yourself yet though." Hot clip, mixed with food, vore and loads of burping. Hunter is the strongest at flatulence since Zach and Tyler. 


20 minutes

Hunter Eats Strawberries & Best Friend

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