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Hide & Don't Get Eaten

Carlos, the cruel Latino father, is waking up for breakfast. As he sits down, he notices his 1/2 inch tall loser son laying by the bowl. He's always been the runt of the family. After mocking him for being worthless compared to his other brothers, Carlos smiles sadistically. "Jakey, we're gonna play a game. It's called Hide and Don't Get Eaten". Before the tiny has a chance to escape, he's dropped casually into cereal and milk. As a huge spoon comes over him, Carlos laughs and munches more and more of it. Surrounding his pathetic son, he eventually toys with him worse. "You never were a good swimmer, were you?" He laughs. Suddenly the tiny son finds himself on the spoon- and tossed into his father's cavernous mouth. "Oops! Almost swallowed you", Carlos says. He takes him out and throws him back in the bowl. But the more cereal he devours, the more Jake winds up inside the massive mouth. Closeups reveal a huge pink tongue and deep throat. Soon Carlos is licking the spoon- with his son stuck on it too! After much mouth torture, it's down the hatch forever.


17 minutes

Hide & Don't Get Eaten

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