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Giant Student Tortures Shrunken Teacher

Mario, a cruel jock and careless 18 year-old Senior, asks his puny teacher to sign a paper so he can skip class and play in the big game. Fed up with his student's bad grades and careless attitude, the teacher (nicknamed Mr. Napoleon) denies him. Angry that he's being turned down, Mario shrinks his teacher to only 1/2 an inch tall. Shocked and disturbed by his new surroundings, Mr. Napoleon demands that Mario change him back. "Not until you sign this form saying I can play!" He lifts the large pen for his pathetic teacher to sign, but it just falls on him. Laughing, Mario signs the form himself and then places the teacher on an apple he had originally brought for him as a gift. "I'm like the Giant from the Beanstalk now, Mr. Napoleon!" Laughs the jock. "Don't talk with your mouth full", snaps the teacher. "Okay then", Mario says- and cruelly sticks his teacher on the apple instead. Licking him first, he eventually throws the apple and Mr. Napoleon down his throat, swishing him around on his tongue, and eventually swallowing him. This causes the jock to get the hiccups, and regurgitate the now saliva-covered teacher back onto the table. After this humiliation, it only gets worse. Mario forces the teacher to smell his smelly socks and barefeet, before walking away. A new twist to most videos we do. This one contains sound effects, voice changing between the little and the Giant. Hot, interactive clip.


14 minutes

Giant Student Tortures Shrunken Teacher

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