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Giant Son Butt Crushes Tiny Father

Ian, the cruel Giant son, sadistically turns around in his chair to notice his pathetic, 1/2 inch tall father on the table. He quickly puts his sandaled feet by the tiny, laughing about it. "Smelly my sweaty ass feet Dad", he mocks. It's pure torture for the father, as closeups reveal Ian's thick, meaty toes. After the sandals are kicked off, Ian toe crushes his punk father easily- saying he's the loser of the whole family. Eventually, he takes off his shirt and cap- to reveal long, manly hair and a sweaty chest. "Guess what else I can crush you with?" Ianteases, before turning around to reveal his huge, big ass in red tight boxers. He easily bounces up and down on his Dad, to the point that you hear the thudding of the butt over and over again. A true treat for any butt crushing fan!


10 minutes

Giant Son Butt Crushes Tiny Father

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