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Giant Latino Boss Stomps Tiny Employee

Carlos the Giant Latino hunk stomps into his office to find his shrunken down employee lying helpless on the floor. His cocky laugh dominates the room as he compares himself to a Giant, chanting the Fe Fi Fo Fum from Jack and the Beanstalk. His smelly barefeet easily crush and stomp all over the little guy, and eventually Carlos places the one inch tall loser inside his massive rank flip flops and walks around with him. He gets down on the floor, places the little inbetween his toes, and laughs hysterically - sarcastically acting like he didn't mean to cause him such embarrassment. He even walks back and forth pretending like he won't stomp on him again, only to crash his meaty soles back down on the midget. He taunts how the little employee must obey his every command.  HOT clip with amazing POV shots of Carlos's amazing feet, and verbal domination.


16 minutes

Giant Latino Boss Stomps Tiny Employee

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