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Giant Jock vs Tiny Girlfriend

CUSTOM VIDEO! Emilio has shrunken down his girlfriend because he has discovered her fetish- she LOVES being tiny and at the mercy of a God. "Hey baby girl- I know we've been together for a while now. I know your fetish. I know you like Giants. So- I'm gonna step on you, real hard haha". Shrunken on his shoes, Emilio laughs she will be a slave to his feet.  "Lick my shoes bitch!" He towers over her like a building, and she's at his mercy the entire time. After taunting her for being worthless, he kicks off his shoes and kicks his size 12 smelly white socks on the table, with her underneath them. "You're no longer my girlfriend- you're my slave." He laughs at her pathetic tiny body, how he's a Giant, and she's nothing. He stomps on her with the socks, and soon they come off to reveal dirty barefeet. He even places her on one of his big toes to show how insignificant she is. For more punishment, he actually tapes her to the table so she can't get away from his giant feet as they suffocate her. Finally, he drops her into his gym shoe and walks around - knowing it's turning her on.


12 minutes

Giant Jock vs Tiny Girlfriend

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