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Giant Football Jock Gets Revenge

13 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, M/M, Foot Crushing, Armpit, Shower, Vore
Interviewer: "Pablo, What do you like most about power?"
Pablo: "I can do whatever the fuck I wanna do." He grins evilly. 
The captain of a losing football team is pissed off, wearing his jersey in his bedroom, upset with his comrades. "They're mad at ME for losing? They don't fucking realize that I GET mad at MYSELF for losing!" He looks angry, and then uncoils his fist. There in his sweaty palms, are his teammates. Shrunk. "I don't even know how to feel about it. What about YOU? All you tiny fuckin bitches!" He says all their names aloud, going through each of them in his fingers. He's barefoot on the bed, his giant soles kicked back.
"Nobody wanted to win as much as I did", he says cruelly- looking down at them.  One apparently tries to speak. Pablo smirks and lifts the tiny to his ear. "Wat you say Mr. No name? You're so fucking tiny I can't hear. ALL of you are under my control haha." He then gloats up towards us. "This is what I live for. I live to be a KING."
He starts to contemplate what to do first. "Which one of you is going in my mouth?" The jock smirks. 
"Eeny Meenie Miny Moe, catch a Tiger by its toe. I don't know the fucking rest. So I choose...Manny." He grabs the tiny player in his hand. "Aww don't be scared", the Giant mocks. He then opens his mouth wide, dropping the loser on his awaiting tongue. "MMMMM" Pablo says, rolling him around his closed mouth, savoring his meal. He opens it back up to reveal poor Manny stuck on the tongue, the Giant's teeth clicking on his body. 
The next scene has Pablo line the players up on his hard floors, slowly stomping his bare feet down on them. He finds smothering them under his soles particularly funny. "Yea get under my smelly fuckin foot", the jock mocks. "There's nothing you can do either. You're all under my fucking control haha."
"Don't think I forgot about you Manny", Pablo says dully. "I'm gonna take you outta my fucking mouth so you can join your fucking friends down there." He takes the loser out of his maw and carelessly drops him on the floor. 
Every football player has to shower off after a game, regardless if they're victorious. "I fuckin stink. You guys are gonna take a shower with me." The hot jock runs hot bath water, and starts placing each player on the soap dish. "Don't fall now haha." He drops two others on the edge of the tub, with impending doom sure to follow. He then takes off his jersey, revealing his impeccable body- six pack abs and toned legs. "Wow Look at me." He gloats to himself in the mirror. "All muscular and stuff. I can't believe I lost! I'm fucking perfect. Almost forgot about YOU guys."
The jock sniffs his armpit. "I kinda smell though", he chuckles. He picks one of the tinies off the tub and grinds his body into his armpit. "Yeah I FUCKING STINK!" Pablo is so careless, he gets in the shower with his boxer shorts still on. He picks Manny back up. The poor dude has suffered in the Giant's mouth, underfoot and now is in a tub the size of an ocean. "AWWW Manny, down you go. Im gonna fuckin drown all of you, for putting so much fucking pressure on me!" With his coiled fist wrapped around Manny, he puts his strong hand under water, moving it around and splashing with the tiny trapped inside. He then poses in the shower arrogantly before getting out and tossing the teammates into the sink. 
He footplays with some more on his floor, laughing again at their pathetic existence. Then he puts them in his mini fridge. "I'll come back for you guys later, when I need to." He walks off laughing, water still dripping off his perfect body. 

Giant Football Jock Gets Revenge

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