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Giant Baby-Sitter Destroys Family

Once upon a time there was a family. They had an 18 year-old son that was so scrawny and helpless, he needed a baby-sitter every time they wanted to go out. They owned two cars. They hired someone named Scotty to babysit. But when Scotty arrived, he was this GIANT. "What the fuck, I'm a Giant? And I have to baby-sit this puny ass dude?" Before he even baby-sits the loser, he opens his big hand to reveal the tiny cars and the parents. He sets the cars down by his dirty, smelly feet. He starts stomping on them repeatedly. "There ain't no GIANT insurance haha", Scottylaughs. He eventually destroys the cars, and stomps the family members out. Then he picks up the young man he was supposed to baby-sit and has some fun. He kicks back on the table, places him inbetween his toes. And mocks how he likes smelling a Giant jock's stinky feet.  "OOPS! How'd you get there buddy? Stuck between my yellow ass, stinky toes." He also puts him under a glass table for more torture and humiliation. Scotty's feet are really dirty this time. Perfect for anyone into a macho jock with rank feet. 


12 minutes

Giant Baby-Sitter Destroys Family

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