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Father Eats Cookies, Milk & Son

On Christmas Eve, Hunter the cruel father gets ready for the evening by settling in for some cookies and milk. His shrunken son unfortunately ruins his mood. "You've always been the weakest of your siblings. You're worthless." He plays with him casually, before tossing him into the glass of milk. "This world is gonna swallow you up son", the father says casually- tossing his son into his mouth and then dunking a cookie into milk, taking massive gulps of it. Inbetween tossing his son in and out of his mouth, he also lets out massive belches- proving what a mannish jock he really is. "Back in you go dude", the Giant says playfully- slobbering his pink tongue over his tiny son's body, munching on cookies, and eventually swallowing him whole. A quick little trip into hot vore and humiliation. 


7 minutes

Father Eats Cookies, Milk & Son

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