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Eric the Jock Shrinks Doctor

In an examination room, a jock (Eric) is examined by a concerned doctor who isn't pleased with the stud's constant bad habits, including chewing gum. He scolds Eric for not following his orders, and upon examining him again- Eric lashes out and accuses the doctor for coming on to him. Out of nowhere, Eric shrinks the doctor to only an inch tall. Awakening to see a now Giant Jock towering over him, the frat boy has taken it upon himself to put the doctor's outfit on. 


"Who's the doctor now, huh? Haha." Eric's massive feet land around the poor helpless physician, now at the mercy of a Giant. "Smell my stinky ass feet loser." Eric playfully gets on the floor and puts the doctor between his toes. Later, he places him on his muscular chest. "You're tinier then the stethoscope haha. Let's take your heartbeat doctor haha." He places the tiny on his belly button, taking deep breaths in and out. Finally he takes out a piece of gum and laughs that he could easily chew the doctor like the gum. He finally wraps the gum around the minion and tosses him his massive mouth. "In you go buddy!" The doctor struggles inside the mouth before being swallowed whole, Eric feeling him moving around his stomach. 


20 minutes

Eric the Jock Shrinks Doctor

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