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Dwayne vs. Tiny Office Building

Custom Video! Alvin had a friend named Dwayne. The two were cool until Alvin decided to switch on Dwayne over a money matter, causing Dwayne to go to prison. In jail, the thug learned many trades. One of them was how to shrink things down to minuscule sizes. 4 years later, Alvin is in for a BIG surprise. Dwayne shows up at his crib, and poor Alvin is already shrunk down. "That's right punk! You put me in prison, so not only did I shrink your ass- I also shrunk your whole muthafuckin' office! Now I'm finna stomp the roof on this bitch!" In an intense scene, Dwayne slams the roof down on the ground and stomps on it loudly and hard with his gym shoes. He stomps the office car first, which is pretty easy. Then he terrorizes the office people by making them worship his stinky, dirty white socks. They're so sweaty, the littles cling to them. "Yeah, sniff these dirty ass socks haha." Dwayne gets barefoot, stomps a few more tinies, then puts Alvin back in the building alone. "Now I'ma stomp YOU with my big ass feet!" Bye Alvin. 


12 minutes

Dwayne vs. Tiny Office Building

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