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Dwayne Stomps Tiny Bro

19 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Dirty White Socks, Barefoot Stomping, Verbal, Humiliation


Undiscovered footage! "Yo wassup, this Dwayne! I'm gonna stomp my tiny ass brother with these BIG ass feet!" The Thug Giant laughs down at his tiny brother. "My size 13 shoe is bigger than your muthafuckin body haaha!"


"Dirty ass white socks- sniff em bitch!" Dwayne laughs as he kicks his tiny bro back and forth on the floor. He even leans back and sits on the floor with his dirty socks kicked up. He talks about how smelly they are repeatedly, laughing, and taunting. "Sorry bro, it's addictive! I just gotta make you sniff these dirty, smelly ass socks haha!" He towers over the camera. 


Soon Dwayne makes fun of his one inch tall brother by stomping on him in his dirty white socks and bare feet. "Smelly my stinky ass feet hahaha! Do it bro. Smell my feet." STOMP! STOMP! He even sits down and places him between his toes, still mocking him. Very verbal, very raw. Also Dwayne shows off his dirty white socks A LOT in this video. Any fan of dirty thug socks will want this one!

Dwayne Stomps Tiny Bro

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