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Dwayne's Unaware Foot Crush

Talking on the phone with one of his friends, Dwayne walks around his foyer barefoot. "Naw I ain't seen my tiny ass rommate no where!" Below the thug is his helpless roomie, who keeps getting stepped on repeatedly by the size 12.5s of the jock that is totally oblivious to his own massive footsteps. "He's so fucking small dude. I should get my homies over here so we can all step on his ass haha. If I can find him! We like muthafuckin Giants to this tiny ass dude." His feet are sweaty, dirty and easily smother the poor little guy. Dwayne ends the conversation, still unaware that he just finished stomping his roommate into dust. 


8 minutes

Dwayne's Unaware Foot Crush

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