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Dwayne Eats Cereal & Roommate

"You so small, you could fight a cockroach haha! Everybody just look at you and laugh cause you just a midget haha. It's OK though. You can't help it." Dwayne says this while munching on cereal, as the tiny is on a napkin looking up at the towering Thug Giant- the spoon going in and out of his massive mouth, milk splashing everywhere, and the sense of doom in the air. 


Eventually the tiny ends up on Dwayne's spoon, as the thug playfully puts him in and out of his maw with cereal surrounding him. "You this big ass mouth bro? This long, pink ass tongue haha." Dwayne also catches a massive case of burping, belching quite a bit between bites. 


For the finale, Dwayne takes the spoon and puts the tiny on it, stuffing it in and out of his mouth - with closeups of his tongue and deep throat. He eventually swallows the tiny whole, drinking from the carton of milk. "How you gonna pay the rent now if you trapped in my belly?" Dwayne laughs. A hot clip that includes: Giants, Vore, Verbal, Mouthplay, Burping, M/M 


12 minutes

Dwayne Eats Cereal & Roommate

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