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"Dude, Where's My TINY Roommate?" Part 2

17 mins


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, POV, Mouth Play, Vore, Burping, Belly Bloating, Cereal, Verbal


It has been a few days and Austyn’s roommate has still gone missing. The titan has almost given up finding the little guy and is ready to move on with his life. Chatting with a friend, he pours out a bowl of cereal. Unknown to him, his roommate also had breakfast and is seen trapped under the pile of food. Austyn ignores the little squeaks and pours on his milk. With a large spoon, he starts to dig into the bowl. Not paying attention to what he eats as he chats. 

Austyn’s massive soles are propped up for all to see. His monolithic feet stretch past the frame on each side while his face can be seen through the gap. His thick thighs and obvious bulge accenting the rippling muscles of his abs and pecs. His chiseled face chewing and demolishing the bowl of cereal as he devours spoonful after spoonful. He playfully wiggles his toes for the camera and more as the milk drips down his body. He is a messy giant and relishes in his grotesqueness. 


As the bowl of cereal disappears, the camera shifts to his face. His massive mouth opened far beyond the average person revealing the most perfect set of teeth. His tongue stained white from the spoonfuls of milk he has consumed. Large strings of saliva cross his maw and the hot breath partially fogs up the camera. He chomps down onto another bite, his boulder-like teeth crunching through the cereal and turning it to mush. As he gnashed his teeth together, the camera picks up all the wet smacking noises and crunching of food. It is perfect for those that love the food play aspect of macro. 




Austyn lets loose some gas and pats his stomach.


“Oops sorry” he chuckles and continues eating his food. 


The spoon barely misses the terrified tiny each time he goes for another bite. However with the pile of food diminishing, the tiny’s life is about to end. The last bite is lifted and the shrunken roommate is caught in the spoon. With agonizing slowness he is brought to the awaiting maw. The mouth stretches open and saliva drips out as it anxiously waits for the final meal. The metal spoon enters the titan’s mouth and the world is sealed off. 




Austyn swallows and sends the little guy to his doom. The jock lays back after enjoying his meal and feels a bit of indigestion. He lets off some belches to relieve his stomach but it doesn’t work. Something seems to be fighting him from within. He doesn’t really think much of it and decides to rest up. Unaware that his once best friend is turning into soup inside him. 

"Dude, Where's My TINY Roommate?" Part 2

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