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“Dude, Where’s My Tiny Roommate?” Lost Outside!

18 minutes, 30 seconds


THEMES: Giants, VERBAL, POV, Shrinking Virus, Unaware, Sandals, Bare feet Stomping, Muscle Body Explore, Armpit Explore, Navel Play, Mouth Play, Tiny Resisting in Mouth, Burping, Vore, Stomach Bloating, Indoor & Outdoor scenes


Stupid little Jake has shrunk down to one inch tall! Can his big, GIANT Roommate Brad find him? The jock comes home and is already talking to his friend on the phone about Jake’s whereabouts. 


We see tiny Jake is actually right in front of the jock- but only one inch tall!


The jock paces nonchalantly back and forth in massive sandals, complaining about how dumb his roommate is and how stupid he is for possibly being shrunk down.


“I would have him sniff these big ass feet too! Dirty fucking feet. He’s dirty bro. He doesn’t even clean up this house. That’s his one fucking job.” The sandals continue to slam down around the tiny idiot. 


“I hope Jake IS fuckin’ tiny! I’ll stomp on his little ass once I see him- stupid little bitch.” Brad starts pounding his sweaty bare feet on the hard floors, with his tiny roommate getting lost in all of it - the giant totally unaware.


Next Brad searches for Jake in houseplants. “Searching for you in here Jake, it’s like a whole jungle for you hehe. That’s how fucking tiny you are.” Brad smirks, going from plant to plant. “When I FIND your ass, I’m gonna stomp on you and EAT you- little bitch boy!”


POVs of the massive hunk are seen as he not only mocks it’s like Jack and the Beanstalk, he thinks it’s funny. The jock also looks inside his fridge and cabinets, still not noticing the roommate. “Where the fuck ARE you?” Brad barks.


When Brad goes out to his backyard outdoors, it’s overcast outside. He gets on all fours searching in the grass and garden for the tiny nome. “Where the fuck are you?” His dirty big bare feet all in the camera. He then lazily stretches out and and lays in the grass, showing off his impressive body. We see how muscular and perfect it is.


Jake climbs up Brad’s hairy leg like a beanstalk, and then finds himself tangled in the Giant’s big hairy armpit. Brad chills and talks to himself about how sweaty his pits are. “Just back from the gym too, fuck they’re rank dude.” Poor Jake is still lost in the pit, as it suddenly closes in on him. He’s truly helpless!


Brad sniffs his other pit. “Aw fuck they stink so bad. Smells like I’ve been at the gym all day.” In the outdoor, overcast lighting it’s drizzling. Brad’s perfect tan skin is shown along with his dark brown armpit hair. 


Next Jake is stuck inside Brad’s belly button. As the jock talks about his sweaty, hairy navel he breaths in and out, with the little loser too weak to get out!


Oh no! Brad has FOUND Jake! The tiny is on the pavement of his patio. “You stupid little fucker. Now I’m gonna stomp you for real!” And that’s just what Brad does. 




Brad’s feet are perfect. Size 12s and easily smother the tiny on the pavement. We see more foot play of the giant’s sweaty toes wrestling the loser, and taunting him. The jock then picks up Jake and actually BURPS on him a few times, demonstrating his power once again!

“BURRRPP!! BURWARRRRP!!! You’re so fucking stupid”, Brad says between burps. Holding Jake by his massive mouth. “Yeah you like that? BURRRRRRPPP!”


Poor Jake finally has to get his fate- which is being swallowed whole by the Giant Mega Jock. But before Brad takes him down his throat, the tiny actually puts up a fight in his mouth! You can see Brad’s closed mouth and the loser poking the giant’s powerful cheeks out. But it doesn’t matter.




Down to the giant’s stomach little Jake goes. Brad groans, talking about how the loser now can live in his stomach forever. “Fuck he’s trying to escape out!” Brad burps more, getting hiccups now, rubbing his huge belly with poor Jake trapped inside it - forever.


“Well, guess it’s time to find another bitch roommate.” Brad says coldly. 

“Dude, Where’s My Tiny Roommate?” Lost Outside!

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