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Dude, I SHRUNK My Stupid Roommate- Part 1

17 minutes 


THEMES: Giant, Barefoot, Nonconsensual, Armpits, Verbal Humiliation, Stomping, Foot Play


SUMMARY: Jason walks into his hallway barefoot, talking on the phone with his friend. "Yea bro, I have no idea where the dumbass is." He's referring to his shrunken roommate, the black sheep of the house that none of the roomies like- especially Jason.


"He just disappears all the time. He's so small now. I feel like a GIANT next to him." The runt's name is Jake. And as the jock walks barefoot on the hardwood floors, the tiny is right on the floor next to him. And his massive, sweaty size 13s. "It must be like an earthquake when I jump!" He jumps up and down, POUND! THUMP!


"There you are Jake!" Jason squats down at the inch tall loser. "Dude, since you seem to love being under my nasty, sweaty ass FEET- Im gonna give you a taste of it!" The jock smirks, and towers over the poor tiny as he stomps around him with his stinky bare soles. He plays soccer with him. "Poor little Jake. You probably like this don't you haha! Being stomped on between my STOMP toes!"


Jason gets on the floor and places poor Jake between his grimy toes. "Just like Jack and the Beanstalk haha." He squeezes the loser between both of his huge soles, scrunching his toes closed. "Like getting caught up in that musty smell? Yea, you are a loser haha! Smell my stinky ass feet. How does this make you feel? Being a little bitch boy. The power of my big ass feet. Little Jakey - all poor and helpless. Your loss, my gain. I gain regardless haha!"


In Jason's bedroom, the jock puts the loser in his armpit. "You're liking this WAY too much bro! My armpit must be like a fucking fur coat. Sweaty ass pit! And you like this? I just don't get it dude. Covering you in my armpit odor. HAHA."


He puts his toes all over Jake, placing him between each one- taunting him more and more. "You've allowed me to make you my bitch. I own you now Jake."


Stay tuned for Part 2- where Jake falls in Jason's cereal!

Dude, I SHRUNK My Stupid Roommate- Part 1

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