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Drained: Austyn Burps & Takes Ur Money

17 mins


THEMES: POV, Verbal, Burping, Cash Draining, Food Stuffing


"I know you like, have this thing where you get into sending guys all your money and getting drained", Austyn stares and smirks at you. "But I would never do that to you bro. We're best friends."


Suddenly he starts eating random foods, talking with his mouth full. "Fuck it. Send me $400 right now. LOSER." He continues to trigger you, mocking you also have a fetish for guys who burp in your face. "Fucking pig. You like getting drained of all your fucking money? Does that get you off?" He munches and crunches, and burps and burps more. "BURRRPPPP!!!"


"Don't you love bagels? And draining losers like you of their money hahaha!" He never was your friend. He just wants to use you. And you love it.

Drained: Austyn Burps & Takes Ur Money

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