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Dino Tortures & Swallows Tiny Roommate

Dino mocks his little one inch tall roommate. Chester is his name, and he's a small, pathetic loser. As punishment for being such a minion, Dinocompares Chester to his huge foot before casually putting him in and out of his huge mouth. He compares how small Chester is to his large, pink tongue. He sarcastically apologizes for tossing him in and out of his cavern. All of this action causes Dino to get a few belches and hiccups. Dinoeven teases that Chester enjoys the humiliation. Eventually, though, it's time for the tiny man to go down the giant's big, hungry gullet. Dinoswallows Chester whole, opening his mouth again to reveal nothing left.


12 minutes

Dino Tortures & Swallows Tiny Roommate

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