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Dino the Giant Stomps Tiny Roommate

Dino the Giant is moving in for school- and his helpless, one inch tall roommate is forced to deal with it. Towering over him like a skyscraper, Dino mocks how he easily gets all attention on campus, and how his feet have been him because of the sports practices. He casually puts his giant shoes inbetween the little's body, before taking them off and stomping on the midget over and over again. He eventually drops the peon into his smelly gym shoe, walking with him a little bit over to the bed, and then dumping him out- where he proceeds to humiliate him more with his feet. Intense closeups of this Latino's soft, rubbery sweaty size 11s. Plenty of verbal domination. What's in store next for the little guy?


14 minutes

Dino the Giant Stomps Tiny Roommate

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