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Cory Swallows Gummies Watching TV + BONUS Interview!

17 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Interview, Barefeet, Mouth Play, Vore, Burping, Verbal


"What do you like about being a Giant and having control over people?" The interviewer asks. 


"The fact that I DO have control over people." Smirks Cory. 


The talk continues with Cory explaining how he would make the tinies worship his sweaty size 11s. He even rubs his feet POV towards the camera, insisting the audience obey him as well.


The second part of the video focuses on Cory kicking his bare feet up, watching TV with his stepbrother trapped in movies with Giants. "Look at your dumbass. Swallowed by a Giant, don't know what the fuck to do. BUURRPPP- Surrounded by stomach acid." The movie is showing Cory a tiny trapped in a Giant's belly, and you can even hear the Giant's heart beating - causing the humiliation to go further, knowing he is helpless. (Small segments of the video clip have been muted due to camera direction). 


As he mocks what he's seeing, he burps a lot, drinks soda, and eventually grabs gummies and swallows them down his massive maw, a deep throat and big tongue. He compares his stepbrother to the gummies he swallows whole. "I'm gonna throw em back, just like you"- he says, obnoxiously chewing and opening his wide mouth to show off his big teeth and sloppy tongue. "HIC!! OOPS Fuck!" Cory gets a hiccup attack. He keeps eating more gummies and burping. Cory also swallows a gummy slowly, showing off his Adam's apple and laughing "HAHA!'s in the stomach!" Poor helpless Gummy. 


Cory gets a LOT of burps and hiccups!


NOTE: The interview is only two (2) minutes, but gives you a chance to see Cory's personality. If you want custom foot videos, he is a Chicago local and is ready and willing to fulfill your fantasies. 

Cory Swallows Gummies Watching TV + BONUS Interview!

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