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Mark Summers: Doctor Stretch

20 minutes


THEMES: M/M, Shrinking, Giants, Stretchy Patient, Mouth Play, Tongue Play, Vore, Muscle Play, Armpits, VERBAL


Dr Mark Summers is back! 


"Well now that you caught the shrink virus, we must figure out why you're also so...stretchable haha!" Dr Mark Summers, in his uniform, sits in front of his inch tall patient. 


"How about I just PULL your arms out hehe", the jock mocks- stretching out the loser's arms. "Or your legs"- he does the same thing. The poor patient seems VERY flexible, easily able to stretch out so much, yet remain indestructible. This only makes the Dr want to use him more. 


"You love this. I can feel you getting into this, you freak. In front of YOUR BIG SCARY DOCTOR TOO! You want me to lick you too?" He licks him. His body is now covered in spit. "Is that what the Dr ordered? Is that what I prescribed for you?"


Mark has just begun. He begins to REALLY lick on the patient, putting his whole body inside his mouth. Making obnoxious slurping sounds. "MMMM!!!" He moans, as the tiny is helpless. "You really like my big pink ass tongue..." The dr drools on him more. "Don't worry you're indestructible haha!"


The mouth play gets more intense. "You really are a MOUTHFUL", Mark says lazily- slobbering all over the poor patient. "How do ya like that STRETCH? OOOOPS!" 


"I love having this POWER over you. And Money haha!"


He takes the tiny upstairs and rubs him all over his pecs. He starts putting him in and out of his armpits. 


After a VERY steamy scene, Mark swallows the patient down his throat and into his muscular stomach. HOT HOT HOT SCENE!


Filmed on the new iPhone's ZOOM lens! Mark gets repetitive with the mouth play, just like the old school days.

Mark Summers: Doctor Stretch

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