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Controlling Giant Jonathan

30 minutes


THEMES: Giant, Unaware, Mind Control, Heavy Breathing, POV, Body Invasion, Mouth Explore, Armpit Explore, Nose Play, Ear Play, Vore, Burping, Underwear, Barefeet, Muscle Play, Sound Effects (for tiny people voices)


A tiny spaceship (that looks like a tiny cake sprinkle) lands on Jonathan, a hot jock. It’s hot out. The sprinkle is now in the armpit of this clueless Giant, and the screen goes black. You’re actually feeling what its like inside a sweaty jock pit. Even the hair is huge to you. Jonathan yawns as he makes his way back to his house.


Once in, he starts feeling tired. But in a POV moment, the tiny spaceship enters Jonathan’s body through his ears. “Wow guys we actually are INSIDE of him now!” A squeaky voice exclaims. It’s the captain!


With more struggle to also go up the giant’s nose to get in deeper, the spacecraft finally have control over the jock’s actions.


“You will do what we say. Understand?” The tinies ask.


“Yes sir”, Jonathan responds- in a trance.


“Take off your shirt.” 


“Yes sir”, Jonathan complies. They look so hot. He starts sniffing his pits. “These smell like a 28 yo jock’s stinky fuckin pits”, the stud says, still in a daze.

The spacecraft flies super close to Jonathan’s mouth too- having him open wide as they go in his pink cave. 


They convince him he’s thirsty. He drinks water, and then eats more food with the spaceship as one of the sprinkles!


“Go to the bed now”, orders the captain. Jonathan complies.


“Take off your jeans. I wanna see those tight briefs”.


“Yes sir.”


Once on the bed in just pink briefs, Jonathan’s body is explored more by the tinies. All over, from his feet, legs and as the jock breaths- his stomach too!


Done as a commission. 

Controlling Giant Jonathan

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