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Carlos the Giant Swallows Tiny Employee

Carlos the Giant Latino Boss picks up Leon, his helpless tiny one inch tall employee. He taunts how small he is, and how pathetic his work ethic is working at a Popsicle company. He slowly begins putting Leon closer to his huge mouth, but then pulls him back - licking him a few times and laughing how Leon enjoys the punishment. Soon it's all the way inside Carlo's big, massive mouth as the tiny is thrown around on the big pink tongue, covered in saliva and Carlos laughing the entire time. Great closeups of the jock's throat, wide teeth and tongue as the Latino even gets a case of the hiccups towards the end. Sarcastically Carlos pretends he won't put the runt back in his gullet, only to do it anyway- toying with him like a cat does to his prey. Soon it's down the hatch as Leon is swallowed whole to Carlo's satisfaction. Hot verbal domination, mouth closeups and hiccups for any vore fan!


16 minutes

Carlos the Giant Swallows Tiny Employee

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