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Bry Swallows Tiny Bro

29 minutes.


THEMES: Giants, POV, Gummies, Verbal, Mouthplay, Vore, Hiccups, Body Struggle


BRY has transformed his little bro into gummy treats and gum! HE's MAGIC that way! At full volume, and acting like the true frat boy he is, the jock begins slobbering all over his bro. "MMMM Oh man, you're SO fucking tasty bro!! MMMM MM!" Licking all over him, as he goes from being colorful chewing gum to a yellow sour patch delight. 


Lot's of closeups of the mouth, tongue, teeth and throat. And for those that like it when a stud STRUGGLES as he's getting more and more of the tiny into his stomach, you will love this video. Bry hiccups but also JOLTS his whole body, as if he's trying to battle the forces of good and evil with the loser trapped inside.


So much verbal that you just have to watch it for yourself. 


30 minutes of Bry Vore for a very good price!

Bry Swallows Tiny Bro

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