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Bry Swallows Dentist

21 minutes.


THEMES: Giants, POV, Shrinking, Verbal, Mouth Play, Vore, Food Play, Belly Bloat (just at the end)


Bry hates going to his dentist, because the dentist always shames him for having cavities and eating too much junk food. 


"Why don't I just shrink your ass, and you can feel what it's like to BE MY FOOD LOL!!!" Bry laughs, pointing something at the dentist and shrinking him down to half an inch tall. Now the tiny is up against a massive Giant Jock, who easily pops the loser in his massive, messy mouth- slobbering over him with his pink tongue.


Bry eats in this. A lot. From gummies, to carrots, to ice cream, and chewing gum- you get to see the stud devour these things both solo and with the loser dr stuck in his teeth. This is def a strong video for the vore fans!


Done as a commission. 

Bry Swallows Dentist

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