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Bry Punishes Shrunken Girlfriend

15 minutes


THEMES: M/F, Giants, Doll, Verbal Humiliation, White Socks, Barefeet, Abs, Giant Kissing, Mouthplay, Body Explore, Commission


“Jessica what the fuck happened??” Bry comes into the bedroom to see his girlfriend the size of a Barbie doll- laying in bed. 


“Surprise…” she says, weakly and nervous. “I caught the shrinking virus - what are we gonna do??”


“WE??? Um, I’m more concerned about how you’re gonna be able to fuck me anymore!”


“OMG Is that ALL You care about??” Jessica is upset, but Bry smirks. 


“I need $10,000 so we can grow me back again.” Bry laughs at this.


“You already spend way to much of my money on designer clothes!! I mean, we could have invested that money! I’m really pissed at you Jessica.”


“You told me you were gonna marry me. If I’m not worth $10K, how are we supposed to even have a baby?”


“Well I have a confession. See I’ve been seeing your SISTER a lot. And she’s WAY more hot then you. LOL! AND SHE’S PREGNANT! You’re just a dumb, useless toy to me now.”


Before Jessica can protest, Bry sloppily kisses her and threatens to throw her off their bedroom loft ceiling. “Please I’ll do anything!” She screams.


“From now on, you call me SIR. Not Bry. GOT IT?”


“Yes sir.” He licks her again, chuckling, Then starts kissing all over her body before putting her in his tight briefs. She tries to escape but she’s not strong enough.


“HAHA You stupid bitch! Why don’t you smell my feet now!” Bry takes off his sweaty gym socks and makes his girlfriend smell them, wiggling his grimy toes into her face and nose. It’s unbearable.


After the Giant is bored, he throws her off the balcony - laughing he’s now going to see her sister. A fun experiment clip, and Bry’s last video with JFP! Def worth seeing, and filmed in great HD lighting in California. 

Bry Punishes Shrunken Girlfriend

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