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Bry: "Honey, I Shrunk Our Son Again!"

18 minutes


THEMES: VERBAL, Giant, Shrinking, POV, Cereal, Mouth Play, Vore, Hiccups, Muscle Belly Bloat (mild)


"Have you seen Jake? I think I shrunk him", the oddball inventor asks a clueless jock Bry. 


"Nah dude haven't see the loser haha oops I mean, he's cool bruh, he's cool! Haven't seen the idiot." After slamming the door on the inventor, Bry makes himself some cereal and begins munching on it, sitting on his bed with white socks on.


"Fuck what a loser that idiot dude is. Who makes a shrink ray? And he just invented green beans earlier? The fuck? MMM this cereal is so yummy!" Little does Bry know that poor Jake is trapped in the bowl.


As the jock continues to mock the inventor and his stepson, he accidentally drops the tiny and cereal into his mouth. Bry opens wide so we can see his warm pink tongue, perfect white teeth, and Jake trapped in the throat. 


Bry eventually swallows the dumbass, and takes off his shirt. Revealing a perfect, chiseled chest- the stud rubs his stomach and kicks back on his bed. No more Jake. 

Bry: "Honey, I Shrunk Our Son Again!"

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