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Bry Discovers Ur GIANT Fetish!

29 minutes


THEMES: Giant, POV, Verbal, Shrinking, White Sock Worship, Barefoot Worship, Stomping, Sandals, Armpits, Muscle Body Explore, Mouth Play, Chewing Gum, Vore


THE ULTIMATE Bry Macro Fantasy is here!


Oliver, a loser roommate to the much superior Bry, is in big trouble. Bry has discovered videos on the dweeb's phone that show he gets into shrinking and being eaten. "Bro if you don't give me $10K RIGHT now, I'm showing ALL your friends! It goes on Instagram. Everybody! How could you like this dude?" 


After Oliver submits the funds, Bry admits it's all been a scheme- and SHRINKS the idiot anyways. With a shrink ray. "HAHAHA! Now sniff my dirty ass white gym socks." The stud takes off his gym shoes, revealing perfectly shaped size 11s. In sweaty white socks. Wiggling his toes, he signals for the tiny to smell and worship them. "Yeah Oliver, smell my nasty ass socks bro." There is actually a good amount of white sock worship in the beginning. 


Then Bry takes Oliver into the bedroom. He takes off his socks and reveals his smelly nasty jock soles. "Climb me loser. Climb my leg!" In POV, the tiny climbs up the giant's leg- but every time he gets to the top- Bry just blows- "BLLLLOWWWS" him back down! "LOL!!! TRY AGAIN LOSER!"


Bry then takes out a green truck. It used to belong to Oliver, but now it's as small as he is. Bry starts stomping down on the truck, ruining the car- wiggling his toes on it. He puts on sandals and acts like a big bad Giant, terrorizing his roommate who tries to flee the room, but is too weak. 


He takes off his t shirt, showing off his pits. "Get in there bitch boy." His pits are so hairy. His perfect muscles and chest glisten in the sun. He uses the dude how ever he pleases. He then magically turns Oliver into chewing gum. BUBBLE gum at that.


Bry chews and enjoys the taste of Oliver as gum. "So juicy MMMM"- the Giant blows bubbles - as poor Oliver is now reduced to bubble gum. Bry continues to sloppily chew the gum. 


"Cuz Im your new master, You little BITCH!" Bry bends down, owning his dominance over the loser.

Bry Discovers Ur GIANT Fetish!

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