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Brett's Unaware Foot Crush

Brett returns home all sweaty wearing shoes with no socks. He sits on the couch and turns on the game. Unaware that his 1/2 inch tall roommate is directly by his huge soles. While cursing and commenting on the game, he casually slides his shoes off and abruptly lands one of his barefeet right on the pathetic loser. Wiggling his toes, commenting something might be stuck under it. He also gets into a conversation with one of the other flatmates about movies, and the two laugh and joke with no regard to the poor speck underneath Brett's stinky feet. The jock even comments "I should just soak these in chlorine, they're ripe as fuck." HOT, inclusive clip for any unaware Giant fan that wants one angle to see how it feels to be truly insignificant. At the end Brett slides his shoes back on, not realizing the tiny is swept inside too. He walks around, then complains of something inside his shoe- and kicks it off- tossing the minion on the floor.


13 minutes

Brett's Unaware Foot Crush

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