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Brett Drops Tiny Roommate in Cereal

Brett the casual jock with a big vocabulary, walks into the kitchen to find his shrunken roommate by a bowl of cereal. "What's up squirt. I can't tell if you're sadistic, or masochistic. But me and the other guys, haha, I don't know how many times we keep eating you, spitting you back out." He pours milk into his bowl, and tosses the tiny inside. "You're also meant to be on a spoon, haha". As he eats around him, taunting his roommate for being gluten-free "while the rest of us have to suffer." His dietary needs nonexistent as he now is so small, he is the food source. Inbetween the chewing and talking, Brettbelches casually here and there. It's like he's a mannish machine that just can't control himself. "You can't escape me. I can just put you  under the milk, like this." Cruelly, he does just that. Burping more and more, after much verbal humiliation, he lifts his bowl and swallows everything including his roommate. "You can ride the esophagus river ride now haha", the giant says sarcastically- patting his stomach. Hot verbal clip. 


17 minutes


NOTE: The majority of the video is the "idea" of being swallowed. The vore is just at the end. If you like build up and continuous teasing without mouth shots, this is the video for you.

Brett Drops Tiny Roommate in Cereal

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