Brax the Giant Jock Foot, Armpit, POV

17 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Muscle, Mouthplay, Nonconsensual, POV, Foot Worship, Armpit, Body Explore


Brax's annoying neighbor Jake (off camera) keeps bothering him and his girlfriend. The jock has had enough and invites him over to tell him he's invented a shrink potion that will allow the creepy loser to live out his fantasy, and shrink down to an inch tall. "Consider this a punishment for you being a LITTLE too much", Brax says cockily. "But I promise all your fetish dreams will become a reality." 


Skeptical, the neighbor asks Brax to "prove it." And so the jock does just that, and after pressing the remote, looks confident. But the creep doesn't quite feel the effects yet.


 "I still don't feel anything at all, this seems so silly".


 "This is normal", Brax says- asking him to sit down. Then it kicks in.


"I am feeling dizzy. I think I need some water." 


"Oh I can't do that", says Brax tauntingly. "It will hurt all your molecules. Just relax. I mean that sucks- it sucks to suck, should've drank water before." The jock laughs. "It's kinda funny that's your trippin this much."


Before he knows it- the lame is feeling strange, and begins decreasing in size. Brax is happy. "Oh wow! Look at you shrink! I invented it haha! Look at you dude! You're adorable. I could just step on you!" The creep continues to get smaller and smaller. 


"Aww look at you running around so fast", says Giant Brax. In blue jeans and suede shoes- he playfully stomps his feet towards Jake, who is trying to dodge him. "The smell of my feet might be too much for you at your current size." After taunting him, Brax takes off his blue jeans and shirt- revealing blue tight boxers. He begins doing push ups. His muscular biceps and chest are sweaty, and right in Jake's viewpoint. The tiny tries to actually run underneath the Giant Jock, as if he's exploring a cave. But he can't escape.


"Careful buddy, my chest can crush you if you get underneath me." The jock casually says, continuing to do push ups. "Watch out Jake! You freak haha!"


Later the jock sits on his couch and tells Jake to "Climb the Brax Beanstalk", as the tiny struggles to go up the body- only to be blown back down. He also demands Jake smell his "Stinky fucking armpit", which the loser has to do. It's hairy and sweaty, and there's a smile on Brax's face the entire time. He then taunts Jake to get close to his mouth- "Careful buddy, I might eat you." He moans like the tiny is a savory meal. Licking his lips. He groans again about his sweaty armpits. 


"Yeah smell the left armpit now Jake, do it!" Brax demands. "And you like these mountain abs for you to climb over." Jake is exploring Brax's body like a playground. To be continued...


A full on Giant POV experience for any macro lover!! 

Brax the Giant Jock Foot, Armpit, POV