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Brax's Powerful Burps- POV

10 minutes


THEMES: M/M Domination, Male Burping, POV, Verbal Jock, Soda, Humiliation


"You like the POWER my BURRRRPS have on you, huh little dude?" Brax looks right at you as he lets out massive burps. Back to back he belches, on command and with no hesitation. Although he drinks soda, he doesn't even need that to unleash his potency.


"BURRRAPP!!! BURRP!!!! BURRRPPPP!!! Oops, wow dude these are some powerful ass burps man." Brax mocks you, his pathetic nephew who is now in a complete daze as his mighty jock uncle keeps burping and toying with him. 


Done in first person. Brax burps nonstop throughout the entire 10 minute clip. Anyone who is familiar with the jock's hypnotising eyes will especially like this clip since it mixes his expressions with his natural instinctive flatulence. 


Brax's Powerful Burps- POV

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